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Welcome to the Trustee page which has been developed specifically for you as Chairs and Trustees of Age UKs in the Yorkshire & Humber region.

Trustees have the ultimate responsibility for running the Charity, for its property, finances and the employment of any staff and/or volunteers.  In the Yorkshire & Humber region we have 19 Age UK Organisations who are all managed by a Trustee Board. Some are still unincorporated Associations and others who are incorporated.


Unincorporated Association does not have a separate legal identity and as such cannot enter into contracts in its own name.  For example, if an unincorporated charity wished to enter into a contract to supply services to a local authority, it would be the individual charity trustees who would be named in the contract and those person would be responsible for meeting its terms and liabilities.

For further Trustee information - Holding Trustees and their relation to Managing Trustees in Unincorporated Age UKs, please contact


Incorporated Charities are registered as a Company and therefore is recognised as a legal person, separate and distinct from its members and as such may hold property in its corporate name.

We calculate that there are approximately 150 Trustees working for the benefit of older people within Age UK Organisations in the region.  This website is for all of you.


Age UK in the Yorkshire & Humber region has a team member within the Northern Hub Team who has specific knowledge for advising on the issue of Governance of Age UKs, and with particular interest in supporting Trustees.  Caroline Stockwell-Brown is your advisor and she can be contacted via email on or by telephone at the Hub office in Leeds on 0113 244 1860 or on mobile number 07836 723001.

As a Trustee, if you have any questions or would you like further information on any topic, please do not hesitate to contact Caroline. 

Age UK Northern Hub also runs an annual Trustee Support Event.  These events exist to develop your Governance and Board of Trustees and usually happen around September/October each year. 

We would welcome feedback on whether you feel this website page is helpful to you and if there is any other information you would like to see included.



These pages have the ability to be interactive and we have already discussed establishing separate "Discussion Forums" for Chairs and Treasurers, and an open forum for all Trustees.

If you would like to become a member of any of these Forums, please email for further information and login and password details.



National Occupational Standards for Trustees (Published in April 2006 by NCVO).  This toolkit is aimed to help Trustees ensure their Organisation is well run.  They contain detail about what competent performance really means and is based on agreed good practice. (download)

Trustee Recruitment.  Ensuring you attract the right candidates to ensure a well balanced, skilled Trustee board. This is essential for the smooth running of any charity.  Documents contained here include: The Governance Hub "Good Practice in Trustee Recruitment Toolkit".  Charity Commission booklet (CC30 - Finding New Trustees - What Charities need to know).  Good examples of material used by Age Concerns for Trustee recruitment, including advert, job description, person spec, expectations and application form.

There are a vast numbers of documents available to support Trustees.  For more information, email Caroline Stockwell-Brown ( to let us know which of these topics you would like to see more information on: