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Fit as a Fiddle

From 2007 - 12 Age UKs in Yorkshire & Humber were part of the nationwide fit as a fiddle programme, funded by the Big Lottery. The programme supported sustainable lifestyle changes leading to improved health, reduced isolation and greater independence.

The focus of the project was to achieve three main outcomes:

In Yorkshire & Humber our aim was to work in isolated rural areas, BME communities, ex-mining groups and inner city areas.  We did this by working with local communities to establish need and establishing partnerships in communities to deliver a range of activities.

We involved 17,492 older people in fit as a fiddle activities across Yorkshire & Humber; 48% of those older people have a long term condition or disability.

For a full evaluation of the fit as a fiddle programme in Yorkshire & Humber please look at our evaluation report:

Fit as a Fiddle Y_H Evaluation Report.pdf

Fit as a Fiddle Y_H Summary Evaluation.pdf


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