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Depression in Later Life

Depression in Later Life

The term depression is often used to describe a temporary depressed mood when we "feel blue".  The illness Depression can vary from mild to severe symptoms.  Mild Depression can have a limiting effect on everyday life, for example difficulty with concentrating whereas severe Depression has a major impact on daily life causing problems with eating, sleeping and other everyday activities.

Depression is more common than Dementia in older people but we don't always want to talk about it.  It is thought to affect up to 1 in 4 older people but it is not always recognised or treated.

The symptoms of Depression are:

Depression is diagnosed when people experience at least two of the above symptoms for the most of the day, nearly everyday, for at least two weeks.

If you have any of these symptoms please contact your GP who will be able to help.  The earlier it is detected the easier it can be to treat, so learning to spot the warning signs is important.


Executive Summary of Final Report on Depression

Final Report on Depression